How Proper Data Feed Helps Your Shopping Campaign

Date: August 31, 2018

As soon as we type a product name into Google there are around as many as 10 pages that come in little boxes right at the front with different prices that are on different e-Commerce websites. These are shopping campaigns that are great for e-commerce sites. But what exactly goes into creating these shopping campaigns. […]

AdWords Conversion Tracking: All That You Need To Know Right Now!

Date: July 16, 2018

Everyone gets excited about Google AdWords Campaigns especially when it’s up and running and telling you all about how many clicks your ads are getting. But what if we tell you there’s more to it deeper than it seems on the surface? World, say hello to AdWords Conversion Tracking! Why Google AdWords Conversion Tracking It […]

How Google One Can Be A Flagship Killer in Cloud Technology

Date: July 12, 2018

Fresh-off-the-boat, this latest product from Google has redefined that, which previously was taken for granted as well as has infinite possibilities to achieve a never-before feat in technology. Last month Google announced that it has revamped its cloud storage services and has now launched an Android app named “Google One”. Sounds familiar? After Coca-Cola brought […]

Google Play Store: A Haven For All Apps

Date: June 12, 2017

The coming-of-age of smartphones has had a substantial effect on our lives and has certainly improved our lives. One such technological advancement is the ingenious combination of an applications store and Google. The Play Store! Google Play Store was first launched in 2008 under the name ‘Android Market’ in smartphones. In the year 2012, Android […]

Online Reviews- Why It Matters

Date: May 9, 2017

It is man’s inherent quality to judge. Finally, a productive way to put this otherwise irksome quality to good use. Instead of spending valuable time getting zero output, a better way to manipulate this resource into obtaining favourable results – online reviews. WHAT? For those who don’t know, online reviewing is a step that helps […]

Latest Google Update: ‘OWL’ to The Rescue?

Date: April 29, 2017

Google surpassed its previous filter updates by many leagues when it announced the launching of ‘Project Owl’ early on Tuesday.  Even though this bit of news could come across as a challenge to the existing positive-ranked sites, it is no threat to genuine publishers.   For sometime now, Google has been constantly harassed with reports […]