How to install SSL on XAMPP and make a website secure with...

Date: January 18, 2019

XAMPP, ideally a developer’s tool is seldom used to host a real website. But there can be situations otherwise, when you would want to host a real website on XAMPP. The challenge comes when you want to install an SSL certificate and make the website work with https. While there are simple steps to install […]

Cloud computing – Solution For Big Data Problem

Date: September 14, 2018

Big Data, a technology that can’t be termed into a single definition as there are still many things that are left to be explored in the genre. Be it from hospital records to the ever-increasing government archives – this technology has always been available for companies, businesses and various types of institutions. And with the […]

How Google One Can Be A Flagship Killer in Cloud Technology

Date: July 12, 2018

Fresh-off-the-boat, this latest product from Google has redefined that, which previously was taken for granted as well as has infinite possibilities to achieve a never-before feat in technology. Last month Google announced that it has revamped its cloud storage services and has now launched an Android app named “Google One”. Sounds familiar? After Coca-Cola brought […]

Cloud computing or Web hosting?

Date: June 30, 2016

A lot of people seem confused when they are asked to differentiate between web hosting and cloud computing. Both services not only have almost similar setups, but also deliver a lot of similar results. There are some noticeable critical differences between the two and this article is intended to figure out the same. What is […]